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Our company

Eurobiopharm GmbH belongs to the worldwide consolidating chemical and pharmaceutical companies today and, utilizing long-standing partnerships with companies in China and Russia, guarantees access to these important markets via knowledge of the regional specifics.

About us

Eurobiopharm GmbH specializes in distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, premixes, finished formulations in bulk and production of sports nutrition.

Our company has been created by a group of specialists from the largest pharmaceutical companies in Western Europe. Our partnership with 37 world leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical material and finished formulations allows us to occupy a stable place on the market.

Moreover our geographical position is strategically very important. Using fully developed logistics and infrastructure of the Port of Hamburg we are able to deliver our products to all regions of Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and America.

Punctuality, perfect order processing and best service have always been appreciated by our partners and enable our further growth and development on the market.

Our Production Facility:
Eurobiopharm China Co. Ltd
Room 1609 B Block. Golden Bridge
International Plaza
No.50 Keji Road, Xi'an, 710065 China

Many well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers are represented by Eurobiopharm Ltd..
For example:

Ningxia Tairui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Jingxing Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd
Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
Qingdao Jiulong Biopharmaceutical Co.Ltd
Shandong Shengli Co.Ltd
Anuh Pharma Ltd
Qilu Animal Health Co.Ltd
Zhejiang Neo-Dankong Co.Ltd
Sunny Nutrition Technology Co.,Ltd
Huashu Pharmaceutical
Jingdezhen Kaimenzi Medical Chemistry Co.Ltd


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